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Benton's Finer Bathrooms

Bosch Highflow Condensing C21 Instantaneous Hot Water System


Product Code: 8167030 or 8167035

The Bosch Condensing C21 is a continuous flow, gas hot water system that unlike traditional hot water systems, captures heat from the exhaust gas in a second heat exchanger and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water. This makes it one of the most energy efficient gas hot water systems on the market.

  • 6.9 star efficiency (Equivalent to 6.9 on the 6 Star energy rating scale) 
  • Continuous flow comfort and performance
  • Up to 4 temperature controllers supported
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Great payback period against standard continuous flow product
  • Available in Natural or LP Gas
  • External installation only
  • 50°C locked models available 
  • 3 years Parts and Labour Domestic Warranty
  • 10 years Heat Exchanger (part only) Domestic Warranty

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Bosch Highflow Condensing C21 Instantaneous Hot Water System specifications