Benton's Finer Bathrooms
Benton's Finer Bathrooms

Rinnai 2001 Gas Flued Console Heater


Product Code: 818530 or 818535

Rinnai’s extensive range of gas flued space heaters combines cosy radiant warmth with the superior quality and reliability Australians have come to depend on. 

And because they’re powered by gas, they produce far less greenhouse emissions compared to electric or solid fuel heaters.

An Australian icon up there with the Hill’s Hoist and Holden cars, the Rinnai 2001 Space Heater and its predecessors have been warming our homes for over 30 years. Its powerful heat output makes it perfect for heating large living areas. And depending on your needs, it’s also available in console or inbuilt configurations.

  • Available in Beige (818530) or Metallic Brown (818535).
  • 6 thermostatically controlled temperature settings.
  • 2 speed fan - for even heat distribution.
  • Electronic ignition - lights first time.
  • Available in Natural Gas. Can be converted to LPG at an additional cost.

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Rinnai 2001 Gas Flued Console Heater specifications