Benton's Finer Bathrooms
Benton's Finer Bathrooms


There are many types of Heaters available at Benton's:

Electric Panel Heaters
Electric Panel Heaters plug in to a standard power outlet and can be Wall Mounted or placed anywhere in a room using the wheels. 

Gas Heaters
Gas Heaters use Natural Gas or LPG to heat a room by http:// heating and circulating warm air via an inbuilt fan. These heaters usually require a flue to vent the exhaust from the heater. 

Gas Log Fires
Gas Log Fires use Natural Gas or LPG to heat a room by heating fake Logs or Coals. Gas Log Fires produce a beautiful warmth and glow effect that will enhance the ambiance of any room.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Reverse Cycle / Split System Air Conditioners have a heating function that can be used as a Heater as well as an Air Conditioner. Generally considered less energy efficient than Gas Heaters, Split System Air Conditioners are recommended for more mild climates or when space and cost is a factor. View the Split System Air Conditioners available at Benton's.

There are many more Heaters available at your local Benton's Store.